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Tarotscopes for New Moon in Aries, April 5, 2019

Card by  Serpentife

Card by Serpentife


The Three of Wands Mantra: ‘I am radiant, inside and out’

The astrological correspondence of the Three of Wands is the Sun in Aries. So, this is definitely one of the most Aries friendly cards you can find. After the Winter and the depths in which Mercury retrograde in Pisces took us, Aries represents a coming back to the world, to our energy. We can now envision what we want next in alignment with the truths we found in the last cycle. Ground yourself, think big and enter this time with a bang.

INDIVIDUAL SIGN TAROTSCOPES (with the Motherpeace Tarot deck)

Aries – Seven of Wands

IMG-3061 (1).JPG

You might be fired up during your season dear Aries. You might have embraced the energy of the Sun which showed up for you on the last tarotscopes. But be careful not to get to fuel that brilliant fire of you in the wrong direction or to the wrong people. Measure your words and pick your battles.

Taurus – The Moon

The Moon Motherpeace Tarot

After receiving the Ten of Wands for two cycles in a row you are now asked to embody the profound, healing and mysterious energy of the Moon. It is not always an easy archetype to embody since it asks from us deep shadow work. But like all the most important things in life, it is worth the work. Slow down and be ready to dive deep.

Gemini – Ace of Cups

Priestess of Cups

Emotional work and heart opening are not always easy for you, dear Gemini. But this cycle is asking you to take the leap, practice self-love mixed with that brilliant self-awareness of you and do not be afraid to share it with the world.

Cancer –Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

This cycle you might feel so optimistic, so energetic and so ready for the myriad things you might want to do. Do not become a slave to your to-do list and just choose those projects and passions that really and truly ignite your soul.

Leo- Priestess of Cups

priestess of Cups Motherpeace Tarot

This has been a trend for the last three or four months. ALL the Leo Tarotscopes cards are court cards. Court cards invite us to embody different archetypes which might be super helpful while riding the waves of life. Last month you were asked to embody the Daughter of Cups and now, you are stepping up into the energy of her ‘mother’, the priestess. All the emotional work you have been doing now needs to translate into healthy boundaries, mindful spaces and even a deeper emotional practice.

Virgo – Six of Cups

6 of Cups Motherpeace Tarot

This is a cycle which brings an invitation to soften up, enjoy, open your heart and share some fun with loved ones. You might resist a bit. But remember we all go through cycles which offer different energies and move from work to play and back again.

Libra – The High Priestess

High Priestess Motherpeace Tarot

Sometimes Libra can be the Queen - yes queen, even if you are a cis-male identified person - of intuition. Your friends and family might come to you for advice because they know how well your inner voice works. But it might also be that you don’t use your ‘superpowers’ on yourself. This month practise listening while trying to distinguish between your ego voice from your intuition one.

 Scorpio – Daughter of Wands

Daughter of Wands Motherpeace Tarot

Well well, dear Scorpio. You seem to have done the work, gone through hell and back, learnt your lessons and now you are ready to take the bull by the horns and have some fun. Whatever it is that you are after, go for it, but remember to look where you are going while you are running towards it.

 Sagittarius – The World Reversed

The World Motherpeace Tarot

Oh my, you are so close, you know you want it but… do you know if you believe you deserve it? Because you do. Finishing a cycle and moving towards the next best things is, mainly, a mindset issue - or opportunity.

Capricorn – Death


Death/Rebirth/Death/Rebirth… It might seem to you that all you do lately is to shred a new skin to only discover there’s another one underneath starting to peel. It might be tough, but it is worth it. Believe me. Keep doing the work, being honest, sharing, loving, learning… And you will be alright.

Aquarius – Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords Motherpeace Tarot

Swords is still the suit coming up for you. Working with your brain chemestry, ego patterns and even some anxiety might be your priority this month. It might be hard and difficult sometimes but it is also a work worth doing because every new pattern and programming that we discover it is a new opportunity to relearn and heal.

Pisces – Shaman of Wands

Shaman of Swords Motherpeace Tarot

After maybe swimming during Mercury Rx when so many were drowning you might now be ready to rise and shine. Step into your superstar energy, embody your inner superhero and take on the world, to have fun but also to be of service.


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Tarotscopes for New Moon in Pisces, March 6, 2019

Card by  Serpentife

Card by Serpentife


The Seven of Swords


With the new moon in Pisces, we have also entered in the realm of Mercury retrograde in the same sign - all the while the Sun is also in the midst of the Piscean season. Pisces is a sign that invites us to dive deep in our emotional waters and we are now more in immersed in there than ever. There’s no hiding away from reassessing our relationship to our dark and softest sides. Because the journey surely will be difficult but it will also bring clarity. And it is precisely lack of clarity what the Seven of Swords represents. If we try to do it all, achieve it all while getting distracted from the one or two things that really matter we might come out of this retrograde season feeling exhausted and frustrated. This card is coming through as a reminder of what might happen if we do not slow down and do the work, or rather, let the work undo us.

INDIVIDUAL SIGN TAROTSCOPES (with the Motherpeace Tarot deck)

Aries – Sun Reversed

The Sun Motherpeace Tarot

You might have gone from resting to straight back to a very industrious mode. The Sun invites you to enjoy all of what you have achieved and take a place in the spotlight if needed. Do not make excuses and enjoy the attention, knowing that, even if you do not feel like the people in the card image, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate your brilliance shining through.

Taurus – Ten of Wands  

Ten of Wands Motherpeace Tarot

For to months in a row, you have received the Ten of Wands (see last month’s report below) which can be a clear indicator that you need to stop the hustle. No matter how useful being busy might make you feel, remember that rest is also essential to support your achievements. We are of no use when worn out dear Taurus.

Gemini – Eight of Discs Reversed

8 of Discs.JPG

After receiving the bitter-sweat medicine of Death last month (see last month’s report below) you might be itching to get back to your work or passion projects. But ask yourself whether you are ready just yet, or a little longer to recover might be best.

Cancer –Page of Cups

Page of Cups Motherpeace Tarot

Pisces - your sibling water sign - season might have you all mushy and tender. Embrace it. Embody the energy of the sensitive meditator, the one who knows that we need to fill our cup before we are ready to fill others’.

Leo- Daughter of Cups Reversed

Daughter of Cups Motherpeace Tarot

For the last cycles, all that has come through for you are court cards dear Leo. This might mean that you are in an important transitional period which is asking you to step up and out. Last month (see last month’s report below) you were invited to embrace the honest and communicative energy of the Daughter of Swords and this month you are invited to enter a more emotional realm. Put your needs first and keep exploring how you feel before you attempt to convey that to others.

Virgo – The Emperor

Emperor Motherpeace Tarot

Some Virgos are famous for their control freak tendencies. This month, with so much going on, you might feel tempted to embody the Emperor’s organisational, forward, let’s do this and conquer that energy. That can be very good or might take you straight into a lovely but tyrannical version of yourself.

Libra – Six of Discs Reversed

Six of Discs Motherpeace Tarot

After a few months of emotional lessons now it is time to embrace a very self-care focused cycle. Make sure you ask for what you need in relationships which are clearly striving based on giving and receiving. Find the energetic balance between you and your loved ones and you’ll recover faster and happier.

 Scorpio – Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups Motherpeace Tarot

So after all that you have been going through having a break might feel strange. You might look around waiting for the shit to hit the fan again at any time. But the truth is that, sometimes, when things seem calmer and happier is because they are indeed, calmer and happier. Make sure you enjoy the ride, regardless of where is taking you.

 Sagittarius – High Priestess

The High Priestess Motherpeace Tarot

Pisces season is inviting you to listen to yourself, dear Sag. Tune down those external voices of expectations and demands and tune in to that one that comes from your guts and it is almost always right. Pisces energy will help you with that, it might be an uncomfortable process but I can assure you it will be worth it.

Capricorn – Eight of Cups


I know you probably have lots on your plate. And all of it might seem important, essential even. But the truth is that only when you drop a few things you realise that the world is still spinning around and that you might be, finally, focusing on what really matters.

Aquarius – Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords Motherpeace Tarot

Don’t try shortcuts on whatever needs your full attention. If possible and needed, do not tell yourself stories of how doing this might get you that faster. Sometimes the best way to feed the hungry fox is we have within is to be patient and do the work. Breaking into a hen house can sometimes only lead to trouble.

Pisces – Ace of Swords Reversed

Ace of Swords Motherpeace Tarot

With Uranus entering in Taurus you might be ready and excited to make new and groundbreaking ideas happen, but we also are in retrograde season - in your sign no less! - so be patient, review your big visions, check in with yourself and be ready, because soon enough you’ll be able to manifest them into reality.


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Tarotscopes for New Moon in Aquarius, February 4, 2019

Card by  Serpentife

Card by Serpentife

GENERAL ENERGY REPORT: The Queen of Pentacles


This month we are asked to embody the energy of the do-it-all Queen of Pentacles. She knows how to make sh&*t happen, and, at the same time, take care of herself and those she holds dear. Now that we have stepped out the ambitious Capricorn season to embrace a more collective outlook with Aquarius, we need to learn to reconcile our personal desires with the greater good. We need to keep taking care of ourselves but also think of new ways to contribute and support our communities. Find your strength, set clear boundaries and do not compromise your integrity.

INDIVIDUAL SIGN TAROTSCOPES (with the Motherpeace Tarot deck)

Aries – Three of Discs

If you took in last month’s advice about taking things slowly, learning to say no and give yourself extra space to heal and rest this month you will be ready to embrace the lovely energy of the Three of Discs which is right up your alley. Work, get in the zone, enjoy the hustle and be open to collaboration.

Taurus – Ten of Wands  

Your energy is flowing, you might start to feel more energised and inspired than what you might have been for a long time. But make sure the energy is serving you in a grounded and useful way do not let it take you to a place where you feel scattered or overwhelmed.

Gemini – Death Reversed

Death reversed speaks to us of a new beginning which, as hard as it might seem, is necessary. Are we resisting a new phase in our lives? Are fears haunting this new chapter? Sometimes we look forward to a change until it is around the corner and doubts start invading our minds. Move mindfully forward, check in with your emotions and remind yourself that transformations do not need to happen overnight.

Cancer –Nine of Cups

Work and life were not easy in 2018 but now Cancerians might start feeling a bit of relief. Some weight might be lifting off your shoulders, making you feel lighter and allowing you to enjoy well-deserved pleasures. Embrace the energy without guilt.

Leo- Daughter of Swords Reversed

In the last cycle you were asked to step into the energy of the Queen of Wands. And this month you are, again, invited to look at a different type of female energy within you. The daughter of the element air reversed talks to us of our impulsiveness in communication and thoughts. Watch your words and ride your thoughts gently and mindfully.

Virgo – Seven of Cups

You might have many choices and options right in front of you. Although you are great at multitasking you also might enjoy, more than anything, to focus on one task, do it properly and perfect your skills in the process. There’s nothing wrong with that, listen to your guts and do not get distracted by endless possibilities.

Libra – Son of Cups Reversed

For the last few cycles the messages were loud and clear. There was lots of work to do around your thought processes and your emotional healing. The Son of Cups reversed is presented here as a good sign, that you are moving forward assimilating lessons and taking care of yourself. Just, now and then, pause for a few seconds to make sure you do not resist the process.

 Scorpio – Priestess of Discs  

Last month the Star Reversed showed up for you to remind you that self-care was, indeed, a priority. This current cycle that theme is still at the centre of your daily life, but the message is far more encouraging, you are not resisting your practice, you might even fully embrace it without giving a sh&* well done!

 Sagittarius – Ten of Cups

Just enjoy this month dear Sag and pause from time to time to realise that, maybe, the grass is so very green in your side. Your life might be challenging at times but it is also precious and full of little moments just waiting to be witnessed. 

Capricorn – The Lovers

You have learnt so much with the past few cycles. Now the Lovers present new challenges which might take you to a new level. Are you ready to accept every part of yourself? Are you willing to sacrifice in the name of a higher type of love?

Aquarius – Ten of Wands

Last month the cards advised you to rest and do not overdo it. But you might have tried to do everything anyway. If that is the case, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Just remember to rest, delegate and drop whatever needs to be dropped.

Pisces – The Wheel of Fortune

Learning to go with the flow is going to be a big theme not only for this cycle but also for the whole year ahead. You are ready to make stuff happen but you might encounter challenges, delays and even (pleasant) surprises along the way.