Terms and conditions of use and services

Sessions will not be booked or provided until full payment has been received.

One to One Sessions:  They will be Skype or zoom sessions.

I do not accept clients who are under-18s. 

I reserve the right to refuse to give a advise or book a session. In that case, a full refund will be provided.

Please read my mission + ethics as well to learn more about how I approach my sessions and what I do, and I don´t.

All your information will be treated as completely private and confidential.  If you have provided me with your contact information, I will maintain your confidentiality.  I will never intentionally share your information with third parties, and all information about you will be password protected. Please keep in mind mistakes might happen, and that internet is not always secure. 
I am very well aware most of my list people live all over the world but I think this new regulation enables best practice in data protection something I just think is so necessary in this, sometimes overwhelming, digital era.


 Just to make sure we are all on the same page here is a quick reminder of what this newsletter will offer you:

  • News every new moon and full moon with some ritual or tarot advise for developing your practice

  • I will continue to give away one 30 min free reading (via skype or zoom) to someone on my list

  • Tarotscopes for relevant month or season

  • My own metaphysical/self-care/self-love ramblings

  • Musings related to the development of a spiritual business

  • And yes, news about my offerings (courses, workshop, discounts etc.)

I may contact you directly ONLY to inform you if you have won a 30 min free reading  

I will hold your information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Your information will only be used for the provision of my services to you. We'll never share your information without your permission. You can opt out of communication at any time.

Please note: The Internet is not always secure. Third parties can have access to some communications, and that is not within my control.

Refund policy

Once the session has taken place I will not provide any refunds. My sessions designed as intuitive and spiritual guidance experience, and I cannot guarantee accuracy, the same goes if you do not like my style or how I have lined up the session for you: no refunds will be provided. I would recommend you to read my about page to make sure I am the right type of guide for you.

If you book a session, I will email you back to confirm the date of your appointment or email reading. You can cancel your session at this time; cancellations 24h before the session will not be refunded.

Copyright policy

Thanks for considering using my images and text! I am honoured and flattered. I have put a lot of effort in taking, writing and designing all content in this website. Yes- this is a one woman show and I can proudly everything on this website is done or curated per moi. All the Tarot pictures or images of me photos have been taken by me. Banner images (except homepage banner photo) might have been selected from Pixabay, Adobe Stock and Unsplash. Events page banner by Death to Stock. Manifesto Banner Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

For both commercial and for not-for-profit usage:

Yes, you can use my photos or quote my content. But I would be extremely grateful if you could credit my name.  Please also link the image or the text to its source on this website. 

Environmental and Spiritual Activism Policy

The World we live in can be changed every day with big or smaller ones. All are important. 
The sugar Tarot is:

  • Run mainly from home and my home is run by run energy

  • Use the minimum necessary paper and printing

  • My business cards are made out of recycled materials

  • If I do sessions outside my home I take public transportation or I cycle

  • I donate the 2% of my profit to local (I am Bristol, UK - based) charities which support 1. Refugee families 2. Victims of Sexual Violence - Learn more about my Mission+Ethics