Mission + Ethics

I wanted to give a big, heartfelt thanks to one of the most inspiring readers, researchers and teachers of Tarot I know, Benebell Wen, for her work on, well, everything Tarot and metaphysical.  But here specifically I would like to mention her work on Tarot Reading Ethics. The information she has provided made my job to put together this website a lot easier. The Tarot Readers are not a regulated profession, to create our own, robust and coherent, code of ethics is essential. One Tarot Reader who provides an unethical service will have a negative impact on the profession in general, therefore....



My mission is to uphold the highest ethical standards in all services rendered and to act affirmatively toward maintaining public trust in the tarot profession. My practice is based on the use of the tarot as a tool to assist clients with tapping into their intuition, spirituality, or creativity. My ultimate mission is to help people to trust their intuition to change their lives by transmuting fears and limited beliefs into unconditional love for oneself and others. 

I am a member of the Tarot Association of British Isles. Therefore I agree with their Aims and Ethics.

I also subscribe to the fantastic and super comprehensive Code of Ethical Conduct created by Benebell for her Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth (North Atlantic Books, 2015).

To learn more about terms of use for my services and this website, please read my Policies page.

My Code of Ethics could be summarised in the following manner:

  • I do not practise fortune-telling, therefore: I do not predict the future. I can look into the energies or paths that can open up for you. I can help you and hold space for you to make your own decisions. You have free will, and my readings CANNOT and WILL NOT determine your future.

  • Your session with me is spiritual and an expression of what I hold as sacred. In no way should your session with me be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice? I am NOT a qualified financial advisor, licensed attorney, medical doctor, or healer. A divinatory reading with me is a form of spiritual and metaphysical consultation.

  • I am not responsible for any actions, decisions or circumstances unfolding after a session with me or any form of contact.

  • I do not do third people readings. That means: I will not read or draw cards to look into the private life, feelings or thoughts of an individual who has not booked a reading with me directly. But if you are open to rephrase your question I can always guide you through the process, and we can find a way to ask your question from a more ethical standpoint.

  • By booking a session with me, I will take for granted you are an adult and capable of understanding all statements stated on this page fully.

  • Although I do provide follow up sessions in different formats, I do advise to not contact me again within the designated period which will be informed to you. If you are becoming dependent on my services I will refuse your queries.

  • I believe as intuitive, entrepreneur, woman and human being I need to contribute with my work and actions to make the World a better place. And I believe it is up to ourselves to decide how this contribution takes shapes. Please check my Environmental and Spiritual Activism Policy to get to know some of the little actions I embedded in this business.