The Three Podcasts that Changed my Life

I love podcasts. The same way I love choosing what I want to watch on Netflix or BBC iPlayer once a week – yes, this witch only binge watches on Sundays – I was over the moon when I also discovered the super exciting world of podcasts. They are an infinite source of information which pleases my Moon in Gemini and they also entertain and allow me to multitask. I listen to them when I commute; I shop, I run, I wash dishes… And believe me, healthy, good quality multitasking is one of the greatest gifts you can offer me nowadays!

I started properly listening to podcasts almost a year ago and, since then, I have learned about business, marketing, history, music and… I have fed my soul with spiritual teachings that would have taken me years and lots of money to learn otherwise. More so, I have connected with many amazing people who later became my mentors and even my friends.

Of all the podcasts I have now on my list, there are three that I can affirm that changed my life. Here they are in the order I discovered them.

1.    The Biddy Tarot Podcast

This podcast changed my life because was the first ever podcast I subscribed to. It became my first ‘school of Tarot’. After learning on my own for so long, it was so nice to hear someone else’s musings on the never-ending world of Tarot. But, more importantly, it was Brigit – Biddy Tarot Founder and podcast host – who first instilled in me the idea of taking my passion further and make a living out of it.

2.    Being Boss


If Biddy was the seed that allowed me to daydream about owning my own Tarot business it was the lovely, witty and mega babe bosses Emily and Kathleen from Being Boss – who I discovered via Biddy when she interviewed them– that really made me believe I could actually be my own boss, run a successful side hustle and do it with style. To me, there’s a before and after listening to this podcast. I did not have the slightest idea of what running a creative business will entail or even mean. The number of insights, experiences and super funny stories they share has allowed me to become someone that, in only a few months, designed my website, run my marketing campaigns, launched my business and… had a blast doing it!

3.    Dream Freedom Beauty

So within, so without says the famous Alchemy premise, and I swear by it. You can’t transform your life – aka launching your own business and becoming a boss witch – without the proper spiritual and emotional support. Natalie from Dream Freedom Beauty provides that in such a gorgeous way, she interviews the most amazing people, she asks the wisest questions, and she is full of that personal and unique medicine so unique to her. This podcast first - and studying her programme Wealthy Women/ Wealthy World after - offered me the community I was craving and the mindset change without which I would have never been able to to launch my own business. Even more so, it has made me a better Tarot reader.

But my list of ultimate favourite podcasts does not end with the three that supported last year’s mind-blowing life change…

Here is a thematical list of my top favourite podcasts:

Business & Life:

Marie Forleo Podcast

Help Yourself

Doing the Work with Jay and Becca

Profit, Power, Pursuit

Punks in Suits

The First Four Years

Online Marketing Made Easy


Tarot for the Wild Soul

Myth Tarot Love

Tarot Bytes

Personal/Spiritual Development:

Super Soul Conversations

Untame Yourself

From the Heart – Conversations with Yoga Girl

An Inspired Life

Wild Mystic Woman Podcast

Grit & Grace

Feral Intercourse


The History of England

The Guilty Feminist

Never Before – Janet Mock

Women of the Hour

If you are an inforaptor like me or you simply looking for new (and free) ways to improve your life… by all means, give my list a try! And please do contact me if you have any suggestions I am always happy to listen to new discoveries.