How to Welcome the Darkness with the Autumn Equinox

It is only one week left until I officially launch the Sugar Tarot. A week today will be my son’s Birthday. And, historically, amazing things have always happened in September. In the month of Virgo -my opposite zodiac sign - and Libra –to me, one of the most challenging and inspiring signs -  I have moved to places, I have started jobs, I have met people who were meant to stay, I birthed my son…

A couple of days ago my application for a business account got rejected by a bank because my services‘did not meet their guidelines’. I did not need an account with them but they offered a programme for entrepreneurial women I found interested. This rejection made me feel emotional because it was not nice and because you are meant to feel emotional when you are closer to your 'due date'. Emotions are ok, and, to be honest, every hardship or rejection linked to setting up this business just makes me want to do it more.

Since I moved to the UK I have NEVER welcomed the dark; I always dread the Equinox; I resent autumn as a portal to months of night and rain.

But today I welcome the darkness, I welcome this new cycle. I welcome months of doing what I want to do. I appreciate the silence and the creativity born through it.

So tonight, when the darkness and the night meet with equal grace. I embrace my new life as kick-ass businesswoman and witch.

So how I celebrate Autumn Equinox or Mabon?

-Silence and Meditation:

honour your inner voice. That inner silence is full of wisdom. Light a candle and mindfully stare at the light. Journal or write down what comes up for you in the process.

- Cook a Nice, Slow, Meal:

with recently harvested vegetables and fruits. If you have an altar share your meal as an offering and give thanks. Preserves and wine are also a favourite offering.

-If possible, Draw Oracle or Tarot Cards. Here is my personal Mabon Tarot Spread:

Card 1 What has my soul harvested?

    A card for the main lesson learnt during this last season

Card 2 Give thanks

    What should I be grateful for that I am not seeing?

Card 3  Darkness & Light

   How can I best balance both energies within in preparation for the new   Season?

I hope this helps you celebrate today/tonight.  I hope, wherever stage you are going through right now, you can open your arms and welcome all the good things which are coming.

Happy Mabon to y’all,

Lots of Light & Darkness,


My little working Autumn Equinox Altar

My little working Autumn Equinox Altar

My outdoors altar.

My outdoors altar.