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Cèlia is a yogini,self-care coach, writer, tarot reader & teacher, magazine contributor for Urban Witchery and all-around professional inspirer who aims to help you transform your life.

I am here to help you in your life transformation journey...

That’s right, you are the one who is going to do the work and take decisions, but the way I approach intuitive guidance work, can provide for you a unique, inspiring and game-changing experience. How do I know this? 

I do know from my own experiences surviving bullying, trauma and abuse the stoppable power of love as an agent for change. And the place to start is right here, with ourselves. Because, ultimately, shameless self-love can lead to a life aligned with our heart's deepest desires. And, between you an me, this world can only benefit from more fulfilled people.

'And the place to start is right here, with ourselves.'


When in my life I have encountered situations that have challenged my believes in self-worth and self-love, I have turned to Yoga and meditation practises to keep me sane, more than that, these led me to my first glimpse of the power of a heart-based spiritual practise. Not only I have thrived through these situations, I used them to transformed my life. I’ve found my support system and nurtured my passions. I’ve also learnt to shift my unworthiness and scarcity mindset with practices of self-care and abundance and, most importantly, I’ve learnt to love myself. No matter what.

'my first true glimpse of the infinite power of a heart-based spiritual practise.'

And what about Tarot? You might ask. Although I got my first deck when I was 16, it was not until 15 years later I reconnected with this amazing art. Despite my initial cynicism I learnt to read Tarot and, to my surprise, not only I was a natural, it also helped me to transform my life. To me, Tarot is an incredibly poignant mirror reflecting back our unconscious. Every card has the potential to become a doorway to our intuition, awakening a wisdom buried within us all along.

I don't based my work on Tarot readings but in a blend of meditation guidance, coaching, teaching and and intuitive work with Tarot, aiming to provide an empowering and turning point experience:

I offer Programmes and Sessions to guide and support you in your life transformation process. I also teach Tarot in Bristol (UK) and I am preparing an online tarot learning course.  All my offerings share the same common goal: to empower you to become the change you want to see in your life and to teach the wonders of intuitive work as a tool for life alchemy.

I never thought this was going to be my path, but for  the five last years I have developed my knowledge and practise and I have been honoured to work with amazing teachers and mentors such as Jocelyn Mercado, Natalie Ross, Lindsay Mack and Sally Davison. It has also allowed me to meet inspiring people from around the globe and granted me the most incredible and humbling of all gifts: the opportunity  to hold space and guide people who deeply desire to transform their lives.

In other words: It has taken me back to whom I always was.



There are many ways of learning Tarot, but I decided to connect with Celia because her point of view on this subject was the one which made the most sense to me. Not only she has passed on her knowledge and helped me to connect with the cards intuitively, she envelops you in her very special and intense energy, which allows our sessions to flow naturally. After completing a three-month programme, I will continue to work with her six more months, because the only thing I want right now is to go deeper into the world of Tarot.
— Lorena
I had never booked a Tarot reading in my life. But I decided to work with Cèlia because she felt different to me. She gives a very deep and personal look. Cèlia not only reads but she also provides tools which help you with your process for growth and self-awareness. To me, it was a very interesting experience and I am extremely grateful.
— Veronica
Celia is incredibly warm and personable and a reading with her is a wonderful experience. She takes the time and care to understand where you are in life, helping you to really distill your intentions and clarify your query before the session even begins—thus ensuring a very potent reading. Supportive and insightful, Celia offers more than just an excellent tarot reading—you will leave with a fresh perspective and lots of tools for continued contemplation and growth. I also loved all of her beautiful decks! A real treasure. Highly recommended.
— Maggie
Your session was a treasure to me. You touched my soul with your hand and put it back together as a mirror for me to behold. I do not know how to thank you.
— Olga